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About Us

Hidden in this picturesque seaside town of Clevedon, like a wizard’s tower in an enchanted forest, is Books on the Hill, an independent bookshop on Hill Road. Clevedon is not only famous for its pier and its appearance in Broadchurch, but the appearance of the benevolent Orc, Stan Nicholls, the beguiling Farseer, Robin Hobb, and the blood soaked surgeon, John Llewellyn Probert.

The shop is the brainchild of avid readers, Dr. Alistair Sims and his partner, Chloe Smirk, with the help of Joanne Sims. And like that wizard tower we are full of books with the wisdom of ages, or at least that’s what our authors think in any case. 

Our plucky hero, Alistair completed his studies in archaeology (in part focusing on its influence in LOTR). It has been a bumpy road, having difficulty reading until he was 13 due to his dyslexia. But now you'll see him with tomes of epic novels by Steven Erikson, Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Rothfuss. Our enchanting sorceress, Chloe was a prodigious reader at age 8, and her love of books hasn't waned. You'll find her re-reading the Bitterbynde trilogy again and again. Both have dreamed and joked about opening a bookshop as long as they can remember.   

Although starting out as a general bookshop, Alistair and Chloe couldn’t stop their passion from spilling over. They now specialise in fantasy, SF and small indie press publishers of the genre. And of course considering Alistair's obsessions -- Loose leaf Tea and Dyslexic  friendly books.

In their spare time (or a sneaky teabreak)  you can find Alistair  reading an epic fantasy and drinking a cup of tea (loose leaf obviously!). While Chloe drinks a coffee while reading anything based on a fairy-tale. They still are searching for their feline Wit partner.

Alistair and Chloe are avid  Cons attendies,  including the BristolCon and NovaCon last year. Meeting some Brilliant   authors and fellow enthusiasts, and have so good fun. We are also a big supporter of the Gemmell Awards. Look at the happy face of Peter Newman with his Morningstar award from last year. I dare you not to smile. 

They will continue  with going to Edge Lit 6 on July 15, FantasyCon, and BristolCon.  Look out for our stall of Books and Tea. Come and have chat with us.

Books on the Hill has also been supremely  lucky to have some lovely authors come and sign at their Clevedon Shop, including Stan Nicholls, Sophie Tallis, Joanne Hall,  John Llewellyn Probert, and Robin Hobb.  We will continue to get authors to sign at our shop and stock. 

This adventure will continue, the hero has already got the girl and the Sorceress has a tower full of books.

We now want to share our passion of books and we hope you all can join us with the tale of Books on the Hill.