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01275 873647

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  • Publisher: P S Publishing
  • Date Published:
  • Paperback Published:
  • Hardback Published: 1 November 2014
  • ISBN-10:
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-848637665

To Break The Demon Gate

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Yamada no Goji is a minor nobleman of ancient Japan who has lost everything except a purpose—to keep a promise to the woman he loved. All he has to do is fight a horde of demons and monsters, bargain with ghosts, outwit the schemers of the Emperor’s Court, and find a way to defeat an assassin who can walk through walls and cannot be seen, heard, or touched. Oh, and one more thing—change the course of history. Fortunately, Yamada specializes in the seemingly impossible, and there is always a way. If he doesn’t drink himself into oblivion first.


Richard Parks

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